01. Daad Geem, An Interdisciplinary Venture

01. Daad Geem, An Interdisciplinary Venture

Daad Geem is composed of 5 Egyptian women working in animation, illustration and graphic design. We collaboratively manage the art collective. Our work encompasses art & design, problem solving, and community. We are inherently interdisciplinary.

Daad Geem members and their professions

Daad Geem follows a non-hierarchical model which relies mainly on collaboration and equal workload distribution and evolves with the mutual equal ownership by the members.

The collective was unofficially formed in 2018 when we decided to participate in Cairocomix to sell our art prints with no formal knowledge of art fairs, printing, marketing or social media or business. Our art was positively received by visitors which was the main reason why we decided to forge this collective and expand it.

Cairocomix is Egypt’s biggest comic and print festival. It is held annually in autumn over the course of 3 days and it is a great socialising and networking opportunity for creatives.

Since our conception in 2018, we have taken an active part in Egypt’s budding art print scene by designing high quality art prints and collectables such as bookmarks, coasters, enamel pins, stickers and totebags. Our designs are a reflection of us as creative individuals and the community around us. We believe that one of our biggest strengths is the individuality yet cohesiveness of our work. You can view our work here.

Daad Geem at the 2021 edition of Cairocomix

We are regular exhibitors at Cairopolitan and our work is featured as part of their permanent collection. Cairopolitan is a cairo based design concept store that has had a huge impact on art in egypt. Their slogan is “Branding The City”, and they have played a huge role in documenting and highlighting cairo’s practical designs from street signs to food carts to even terraces. They annually hold the "best 100 arabic poster" show where artists from the region get to display their work.

Some of Cairopolitans work and social activities

We have recently also been keen on collaborating with overseas establishments. We collaborated with Art For Ness,a tunisia based art gallery dedicated to promoting artists from the North Africa and west Asia Region. And most recently; The liverpool Print Fair: A biannual print fair held in Liverpool to showcase the work of the region’s emerging artists, designers and storytellers. Our work was positively received and we are motivated to expand our collaborative work with other entities.

Daad Geem at the 2023 Art For Ness Print Fair in Tunisia

Daad Geem at the 2023 spring edition of the Liverpool Print Fair

For me, Daad Geem serves as not only a creative outlet, but the perfect outlet to grow my skills and connect with my community. I am responsible for running and maintaining the website and product catalogue as well as creative writing for social media and project proposals. Recently, I have been taking on a more active role in outreach due to my current deposition in the UK. I have been actively reaching out to other scholars, professional, art entities and vendors for collaboration opportunities.

Daad Geem hopes to grow into a platform that independent small artists and rising talents can rely on to showcase, promote and share their work and stories sustainably. I also hope to use the platform to explore more contemporary mediums for storytelling like games and Virtual Reality as well as engage more women and marginalised individuals in these fields.

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